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Clinical Trial Standardization (CTS)

Application which captures the CDISC domain data set and lab data set and creates knowable base database with CDISC Standardization.

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BioMarker PDDB
Public Domain Database

GO Analysis , Gene – Pathway comparison , Expression Profile , Organ-based view, Mutation view, etc.

Biomarker Expression
Biomarker Expression Database

Data captures from Entrez Gene, Uniprot, Reactome, Pubmed, Gene Ontology, OMIM, SNP etc in a report format.

Marker Function
Biomarker Function Database

Data captures from PDB, Locuslink,GenBank,Uniprot, Pubmed, Gene Ontology, OMIM etc in a report format.

Marker alidation

Validate Gene expression pattern from Microarray over Protein profile manually curated from Literature source.

Data Analysis
Marker Analysis

Compare two genes over its Function, Polymorphism distribution and Expression pattern.

Marker Dashboard

Various Dashboard and Reports like Pathway Centric,Gene Function,Gene Expression,etc.,

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