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Fertilizer Inventory System (FIS)

Fertilizer Inventory System facilitates to track commercial fertilizer sources, organic sources and your inventory levels and optimize.

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Fertilizer Material
Commercial Fertilizer

Fertilizer Inventory, anhydrous ammonium is the starting inorganic nitrogen fertilizers like Calcium nitrate,Potassium nitrate categorized stored in store inventory.

Legacy Material
Bulk Upload

Manage Legacy Material and Stock Update. This provision will help to manage old and current stock up to date inventory level.

Fertilizer Master
Labelling and Barcoding

Materials are stored with specified location.Every Storage place will be named and Labelled.Location are categorize based on the material property.

Fertilizer Material
Manure Fertilizers

Availability of certain essential elements, including phosphorus and various micronutrients.

Re-Order Mechanism
Re-Order Level

Fertilizer material level hits the below specified level, email notification will be triggered.

Reports & Dashboard
MIS Reports & Dashboard

Reports: Material Receipt, Request, issue, zero inventory, fast movement material, etc .,