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Compound & Data Management System (CDMS)

It is designed to do compound registration, store and the structural and accompanying information into database. The compounds go through validation , QC and normalization steps before registration.

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Single and Batch Compound Registration

Single Compound and Bulk Compound Registration can be done.

Structures Drawing tool integration
the Structures

Structures can be drawn , edit and delete .

Compound property auto generation from structure
Compound Properties

Compound Properties can fetched through structures.

Legacy Compound Registration
Compound Registration

Compound Registration can be done through Excel Format.

Assay result , data publish activities & approval workflow

Assay Results can be published and Approved.

Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Report with multiple Assay and Sub Assay filetration

Complete Work Flow Report can be viewed in SAR Report

System supports Smile/SDF/MDF/Mol/Rxn & Excel File
File Extension

System supports multiple file extensions.

TAT Report, Activity base Dashboard & Reports

Reports will be upadted on Activity base.

Reports can be downloaded in Excel format.

Reports can be downloaded in Excel format.

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