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Quotation Management System (QMS)

Quotation Management System (QMS) aimed to improve client’s business efficiencies. QMS is an online application for creating material request quotation, choosing best quotation and optimizing the material purchase with cost effective.

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Material PR Creation

Smartly structure mechanism using Extract structure and Similarity structure search.

Collect the best quote from different vendors

Structure can be copy and pasted from other sources.

Attached the PO Estimation and reference document

Captures the experiments changes in micro level and provide the audit reports.

The Scientific group can view the quote with Lead Time, Quality and Best Quote

Supports integrating other tools and databases for data analysis and reporting.

Scientific groups can choose the best vendor for Material procurement

Notebook and Experiments wise Full PDF can be generated.

Assign PR to SCM Team

Notification for Inventory Updated, Analytical Test, Experiment Completion and Approvals.

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