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Pharma Inventory System facilitates to track your inventory levels and optimize.

The system facilitates to capture Chemicals , Biology Materials, Store Items, Administration Materials and further categorized stockable & non-stockable to utilize easy way.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

Auto Update : MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Re-Order Mechanism
Re-Order Level

E-mail notification, if the material level hits the below specified level.

Barcode Mechanism
Barcode Labelling & Printing

Provision to receive, barcode and store with specified storage location.

Material Master

Auto update: Structure , Smile, IUPAC update based on CAS ID / Chemical Name.

SDF/MOL File Auto Generation

From PubChem SDF , MOL file auto updates based on Chemical Name/CAS ID.

Master : Chemical/CAS ID
Regular Auto Updatation

CAS ID update based on Chemical name and Vice Versa

Expiry Material

Expiry Material Report Generation and email notification for every week.

Stock Availability
Material Stock

Store location wise material availability displayed.

Report & Dashboard
MIS Report & Dashboard

Reports: Material Receipt, Request, issue, zero inventory, fast movement material, etc .,

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