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Chemical Inventory System (CIS) .

It enables to increase inventory accuracy, operational efficiency by reducing carrying costs and optimizes the inventory write-offs.

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Digitization of Legacy data and Structure Search

Legacy chemicals can be added and used by the chemists.

Lab Inventory Management

Track the chemical existence and flow of the chemicals like procurement, storage, handling, use, cleanup, and disposal.

Barcode , Approval & Chemical Safety Mechanisms.

Barcode to identify the chemicals .Alert and email for to get the approval for each request. Chemical safety mechanism to store chemicals safely.

MSDS (Chemical Safety Data Sheet)

Chemical safety data sheet contains all the related information of the chemicals.

Dashboard & MIS reports

Chart and report of overall usage of the chemicals ,expiry date of the chemical ,unused chemicals lists.

Expiry / Reorder level email notification
Email Notifications

Email alert for the expiry chemical and increase the life span of the expiry chemical.

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